Wisdom Design’s Dynamic Authority

Wisdom Authorization Solutions ensure that business is conducted properly by allowing, denying, or qualifying grants of authority specific to each particular line of business — from asset management to custody to investment banking and more. Wisdom understands the entire business process, watches it evolve and adjusts the conditions of authority and obligations along the way.

“Authorization policy management practices are key to mitigating digital process access risk and meeting compliance obligations. IAM teams must optimize authorization architecture by standardizing runtime authorization patterns for new system development and legacy modernization initiatives.” — Homan Farahmand, Gartner, Inc.

Wisdom understands that business authority is dynamic and contextual

When the situation demands, Wisdom gives you the ability to go beyond the capabilities of generic authorization systems. Wisdom is a radically new approach to authorization; one that understands that business doesn’t stand still and neither should authorization systems.

  • Let your business actors do what needs to be done — when it needs to be done.
  • Parse opportunities as they arise and allow your business actors to be able to “stretch” when necessary.
  • Employ discretionary authority. Supervisors can add or remove augmented authority as needed by special circumstances.

Wisdom goes beyond access control to compliance and assurance

Wisdom lets you control every step of business processes. Don’t just control access to data; control how data is to be used.

  • Consider multiple actors, roles, stakeholders, and diverse regulatory obligations within the context of each type of business being transacted — all before authority is granted.
  • Enforce accountability after the fact.
  • Guide what happens next — redaction, notification, report submission, log maintenance, follow-up, etc.
  • Leverage auditable controls with unambiguous lineage to provide transparent reporting.

Wisdom speaks a language that people and systems understand

Wisdom’s “language of business” semantics simplifies working with clients and partners, and eases the process of onboarding and managing employees.

  • Wisdom provides one authorization system with one language for all applications.
  • Reduce the need for entitlement administration and transcription teams for individual applications.
  • Allow business actors and clients to act and interact in commonly understood business terms.

Wisdom makes client entitlement a competitive advantage

Wisdom transforms what was a costly, onerous onboarding function into an effective tool for conducting business.

  • Create dynamic interoperability among internal systems and between them and systems at partners and clients.
  • Seamlessly and automatically share information about business actors’ authority with partners and clients.
  • Provide clients with business-language analyses, reports, and analytics on who is authorized to do what, when, and on whose authority.
  • Reduce disaffection from missed SLAs, incorrect entitlements, and erroneously granted access.

Wisdom cuts down on entitlement system overload

  • Consolidate multiple legacy entitlement and access management systems.
  • Use Wisdom’s technology-neutral design to integrate with Identity Management, Access Management, and IT security systems.


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A New and Different Approach to Authorization

Wisdom Authorization Solutions are a radically new approach to managing the authority to act on behalf of your business. And because Wisdom understands that business doesn’t stand still, it is as dynamic and adaptable as the business environment demands.

Wisdom’s Management of XACML Policy

Wisdom is a policy-based authorization system. Wisdom introduces powerful ways to construct and govern XACML policy. Policy decisions made using XACML policy may be the most visible part of the authorization process, it is only part of the process. Wisdom puts XACML policy in its proper place within the whole picture of business authority.

Roles in the Wisdom System

Wisdom designs roles, assignments and similar delegations of authority in a manner which ensures that business authority is always employed appropriately in context. Wisdom allows your people to do what needs to be done without going outside the system — and without loss of control or accountability.

The Wisdom Authorization Process

Wisdom Authorization Solutions manages complex business events. Wisdom breaks the work of granting and exercising business authority into five distinct sub-processes. Each sub-process aligns with a clearly articulated business responsibility making clear who in the organization is responsible for the work done in that process.

Giving the Authority to Act on Business Objectives

Wisdom Authorization Solutions support your business in sophisticated and powerful new ways, while making the whole process straightforward and in view of your business users. Wisdom is a powerful new technology that will allow you to manage the authority to act on behalf of your business.

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