Wisdom’s Powerful Solutions

Wisdom Authorization Solutions are an innovative set of products that control the authority to act on behalf of your business. They are designed from the ground up to provide demonstrably effective and rigorously auditable controls on business actions and are uniquely well suited to address ever more complex compliance requirements, reduce costs incurred by multiple entitlement systems and support staff, and enhance client services interoperability, both internally and externally.

Wisdom Solutions authorize business activity, not access to IT. Wisdom goes beyond protecting systems and data to ensuring that business is conducted appropriately and legally.

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“Organizations with complex business processes such as those in the financial services industry have implicitly used similar approaches to develop their homegrown proprietary authorization systems. Wisdom Design Associates has recently formalized this approach and is currently developing a commercial solution for complex authorization systems in the financial services industry.” — Homan Farahmand, Gartner, Inc.

Wisdom Enterprise Platform

The basic (full) Wisdom Authorization Solution includes a Business Authority Information Service and a Wisdom Authorization Decision Service as infrastructure elements. Overlying elements include the Wisdom BAIS Operability and Access layer, and the central node version of the Authority Context Session Manager. Also included are the basic versions of the Authority Engineer’s toolkit, the Authority Designer’s tool kit, and the Line Manager’s Dashboard. Every Wisdom Authorization Solution includes the Domain Solutions for Business Authority Administration, Internal Subject Administration, and Internal Resource Administration, and the Internal Subjects Onboarding Tool Suite and the Internal Resources Onboarding Tool Suite.

Wisdom Domain Solutions for specific lines of business, such as asset management, investment banking, custody, etc. will be available in late 2016. Each domain solution includes policies for a major business area and the roles that most often are used in that business area. Additional packages of domain solutions can be purchased in order to extend current solution’s capabilities and reach.

Wisdom Domain Solutions for firms with clients include, in addition to the basic elements of a Wisdom Authorization Solution, Business Domain Solutions for Client Authority Management and Client Business Authority Self Service. They include the Client Onboarding Tool Suite, the Provider-from-Client Authority Information Connector and the Client Employee Administration and Reporting Tool Suite.

Wisdom Administration-only Authorization Solutions

Wisdom Administration-only Authorization Solutions are available to companies who are clients of adopters of a full Wisdom Enterprise Platform and are suited to modest-sized firms that rely mainly on systems of other firms, but want to take control of their own data.

Wisdom Administration-only Authorization Solutions are available as software solutions to deploy at the adopting firm (or at their hosting facility), or as a hosted service provided by a Wisdom Cloud Hosting partner. Whether deployed as software of as a hosted service, a Wisdom Administration-only Solution includes a Wisdom Business Authority Information Service as its infrastructural service. A version of the Wisdom Authorization Decision Service is included to allow the Administration-only solution to control the authority to administer and use the data it manages. Also included are the basic versions of the Authority Engineer’s Toolkit, the Authority Designer’s Toolkit, and the Line Manager’s Dashboard, as well as the Client-to-Provider Authority Information Connector, the Domain Solutions for Business Authority Administration and Internal Subject.

Wisdom Distributed Computing Products

To improve scalability, throughput and latency, Wisdom Authorization Solutions can be enhanced and expanded to a distributed computing model. Distributed operational models will be available in 2017.

Distributed Authorization Decision Nodes include a Wisdom Authorization Decision Service as infrastructure. They also include a local caching (slave) BAIS, and local Authority Context Session Manager implementation. Distributed Authorization Decision Nodes can be deployed and managed to serve subsets of the systems and business areas handled by the central node to provide improved performance in a number of dimensions.

Additional Products and Domain Solutions

Wisdom Authorization Solutions, together with its partners, will provide a variety of systems and services that enhance and extend the abilities of Wisdom Authorization Solutions, and provide common system functions (such as data base access control, report generation, and workflow management) implemented to take maximum advantage of the power of the Wisdom Solution.

Wisdom will be developing additional Domain Solutions for specific lines of business based to demand. Additional Domain Solutions will be available in 2017.